The publishing house UNIQUE was born out of the desire of its authors Davide Blei and Luciano Bottoni, to print, commercialise and promote their reference book The Dunhill Petrol Lighter around the world.

Gli autori

Davide Blei,
born in 1943, is an active entrepreneur and manager on behalf of Italian companies wishing to promote their advertising activities in the world's foreign media. A dedicated collector, not only has he a vast number of Dunhill lighters but also Patek Philippe watches, French and English erotic canes as well as contemporary works from all over the world form a large part of his collection. His enthusiasm always leads him to meticulously research and acquire an in-depth knowledge of the various objects and pieces which interest him, thus bringing him into close contact with exhibitors and collectors from all other countries. In Italy, from his beloved Milan, recognised capital of design and fashion, Davide Blei is in constant touch with various collectors, dealers and people of culture.

Luciano Bottoni,
born in 1950, is a long-time expert in vintage objects, specialising in Dunhill lighters, fountain pens and corkscrews, of which he is also an enthusiastic collector. He organises special collectors’ events, including two corkscrew exhibitions for which he wrote the catalogues, and is an advisor to serious collectors. He lives and trades in London and Milan.